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Postby Resonance » Sun Jun 15, 2014 10:13 am

A question: Have you all considered any outreach for the future, such as c. party, or 'teach one friend enc.' on Thursdays? It seems to me that if very few people use the technology, the higher their chances of being bothered and red flagged by unethical groups, effectively reducing their privacy while paradoxically they are using privacy software.

And along those lines, have you considered a PR-type person (I'm not volunteering)? Someone who can just post to websites, comment sections, inform writers at magazines that new and good software exists?

I know, for example, when Opera Unite P2P file-hosting died, some physicians were complaining that they could no longer securely self host Xrays and MRIs for their colleagues to see while complying with privacy regs. We need to push back against this idea that privacy is for bad guys. Your radiologist may be trying to find the best treatment for your brain cancer, and he may need a container to show a colleague (half way around the world who is far more experienced) you images without violating pat. data prot. guidelnes. If your doctor can securely and easily share a chunk of data (for example with his mentor) without hesitating, it may save your life.
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Re: Outreach

Postby aforget » Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:02 pm

This is an interesting idea. I certainly don't have the expertise on how to reach out to people, and I think many of us have our hands full either working on the code or organisation efforts at this time. However, as more people join the community, particularly those know (or want to know more) about computer security and privacy but aren't interested in coding, such people could definitely work on such outreach initiatives. We just volunteers offering to do whatever they're most interested and passionate about and running with it.
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