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comparison between ciphershed and veracrypt

PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2015 1:17 am
by brian6
i have used true crypt on windows 7 and Linux and it's been very reliable. rock solid even! I encrypt my system drive with 7.1a with total reliability. now i know vera crypt is a different fork but upon reading on it's website i saw they fixed the program to allow sha-256 for whole disk encryption instead of only ripemd 160. I tried to encrypt my whole system but in the test phase the program failed to work properly so i had to go back and use TC 7.1a to encrypt my system disk. Here is my thing -- i was going to donate to vera crypt but i tried that fork and it failed to work. i want to donate to a true crypt fork but cipher shed isn't officially released yet. should i wait to donate to cipher shed till i can download and test it??