Partially silent options

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Partially silent options

Postby dzmitry.lahoda » Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:27 pm

I use to mount my TC volumes with next command on Windows:
call getpsw
call truecrypt /volume "i:\" /letter "X" /auto /p %password% /silent /quit
call truecrypt /volume "i:\" /letter "V" /auto /p %password% /silent /quit

What is bad about it that `/silent` eats any errors even in case of wrong password, no volumes mounted.

If I do not use `/silent` TC window is shown for `` mount, I have to close it manually and then `` mount command is run.

Expected: Some '/silent-if-no-errors` command which is silent only if there where no errors on mount.

Nothing happens when error, so I run my script again after checking available devices.

Run without '/silent', improve `cmd` script to close window for `` or do not wait window to close before run ``command or check devices via script and retry. These are complicated and I am not here yet.
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