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UEFI support, usability and cloud-encryption

Postby tinfoilhatter » Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:10 pm

I would love to see scrypt integrated as an interim solution. The only reason I'm not using TC right now is that my computer does not support booting in a manner that will allow installation of an mbr. I am stuck with efi, which sadly, is the way things are going to be. So please consider adding support for efi (no small task) quickly for those of us with newer hardware that TC does not support.

Perhaps long-term, Ciphershed, or whatever name this new fork receives, needs to be designed to be easy to use for people who normally do not use encryption. Otherwise...I think encryption will be targeted for elimination in the future because I think there is a growing view that only criminals use it. If everyone uses it and is able to use it, I think encryption will be harder to demonize. To make it easier to use, perhaps there should be a default, easy menu, but with an advanced menu to be toggled by users who are able to make more informed decisions about certain settings. I realize a UI change is the least of worries, but sometimes UI makes all the difference.

Since everything is going to "the cloud", it would be nice to have a feature where it could somehow interface with programs like dropbox, so that the files will be encrypted automatically instead of having to use a big container. Also, it would be great to have three-factor authentication via something like the Yubikey as well as the password and keyfiles, or perhaps some combination of those three. What if the password could be inserted into a picture, automatically, like with Tomb...or any number of file types, like OpenPuff?
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Re: Wish List of Enhancements

Postby compul » Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:46 am

Hi tinfoilhatter,

thank you for your suggestions.

This thread is already pretty long, so please open a new thread for your new suggestions! :)

Also, UEFI has been discussed before, and I think it will get some priority in future development. I'll put it in our "considering" list.
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