Lets admit that this project is dead

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Lets admit that this project is dead

Postby Zef » Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:34 am

No one is paying attention. I'm not trying to bash but look at how horrible the community outreach and engagement has been. I think it has to do with mismanaged expectations. After TC died, CipherShed/TCNext promised a lot. So far they have delivered essentially nothing. VeraCrypt is picking up everyone (including me, and I've been a TC user for around a decade).

I wish it wasn't like this and if this project truly intends to survive it has to come out with a regular schedule of releases, a regular schedule of news articles and updates, and a coherent social media strategy through which to reach users. Users need to have something to look forward to. There is none of that. Updates are coming months apart with no notice, etc.

Please start managing expectations better so that the users you intend to reach know what's going on because essentially everyone is looking elsewhere at the moment.
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Re: Lets admit that this project is dead

Postby TandemV » Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:32 am

Zef wrote:No one is paying attention.

You're right, NO ONE seems to care. This forum is a ghost-town.

I agree fully with your comments about this project. The fact that not one developer / coordinator has rushed in here to defend this project since you posted (approx. 36 hours ago) tells me all all I need to know. A project without leadership, priorities, or timely communication is as good as dead.

TrueCrypt is gone, and now Ciphershed / TCNext are obviously dying on the vine. Another project (DiskCryptor) hasn't been updated in 1.5 years, and its sole developer has gone silent.

Although I am not a fan-boy, I am using VeraCrypt - it is the only actively developed encryption project of its type right now.
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Re: Lets admit that this project is dead

Postby GigabyteProductions » Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:39 pm

Both are you are absolutely right, in the sense that the project appears "dead." One of the reasons so little is being heard in terms of updates is because of the lack of control over our outlets. This is also why it appears as if "nobody is paying attention." For example, the forum got hundreds of spam posts in (I think) a week or two, and I was fully aware of every post, as I'm subscribed to the entire forum via RSS, but could not do anything about it until I was finally given moderator (along with David8, who did a wonderful job at cleaning up).

Despite the dead appearance, progress is being made. We actually have a release now that addresses some issues with TrueCrypt, but it's not anywhere on our homepages because control is restricted to the server administrator, who has been busy, but we're also working on moving the services to our CloudSigma infrastructure where all the people who have been silently doing work will be able to show for it by updating our pages. Some of us are hoping that this will also get more people to start contributing. Looking dead definitely is a problem, as it actually forms a self fulfilling prophecy where people don't contribute because the project looks dead, and the project looks dead because nobody wants to contribute.

The project is not actually dead, but things are going at an amazingly slow pace because of lack of contributors and our only administrator being busy.
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Re: Lets admit that this project is dead

Postby Preexo » Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:28 am

Good to read this project is just slowly developing and not dead.
I installed the new release. Installing failed because the old process was still running. Then it was gone completely. After reboot and another installation it worked again and the new release looks really nice! Thanks for the good work, keep it up! Would be good if the next release would not fail during installation, it deleted all our favorites...

Just as a side note: Veracrypt is not an alternative, it's very slow and doesn't always work. The application freezes all the time, without any user feedback, it was a horrible 4 month trial user experience. We tried and decided that it is pretty much useless and moved on to CipherShed!

Best regards
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